Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Behind the scenes

I spent the day at Community & Co., a new gallery just about to open on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Owner Jennifer Ridel gave us the whole day to shoot, and it was wonderful to hear her talk about how it's all come together. It's an amazing place. You'll see for yourself in our next issue!

Couldn't resist posting a few sneak peeks...

That's Entra's Mary E. Nichols and photographer Jonny Marlow, who lent us a hand, with the lovely Jen reflected in the mirror.

And that's legendary furniture designer Charles Hollis Jones, whose home we showed you in our debut issue, helping Jonny move things around. It was all hands on deck -- and we had a good time doing it! BTW, Jonny is the son of photographer David O. Marlow. Apple... tree... it's clearly genetic. (That third dude's actually a painting.)

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